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Pre-Historic Megalithic Jars

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Bada Valley, located in the Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, is home to a mysterious collection of hundreds of cylindrical stone jars and numerous humanoid-looking statues whose origin and purpose cannot be explained. The Bada Valley Megaliths were introduced to the international scientific community in the early 20th century by missionary and ethnographer Albert C. Kruyt, who documented them. He observed that local communities would bring offerings to the statues to ensure a good harvest or to seek rain during droughts, yet the locals themselves didn’t know anything about the creators of the megaliths, stating they had always been there long before their ancestors settled the area. Modern estimates suggest there are over 400 megalithic artifacts scattered throughout the Bada, Besoa, and Napu valleys in Central Sulawesi, with the giant jars numbering around 400 and the humanoid statues being only around 30. The jars, known as “Kalamba,” and the statues, referred to as “Arca,” are found in clusters as well as isolated locations, indicating that they were part of a widespread and organized cultural practice. No clear evidence links these megaliths to any known historical civilizations in the region. It’s unknown how old these structures are, but researchers believe they are at least 5,000 years old.`

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